Punjabi Chana

Punjabi Chana


Punjabi Chana

  • Ingredients
    Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Dried Pomegranate Powder, Paprika (8%), Tea Leaves, Garlic, Asofetida, Turmeric, Black Salt, Fenugreek Leaves, Cloves, Nutmeg, Citric Acid, Ginger, Wheat Fiber, Cinnamon, Cumin Seed, Cardamom, Mace
  • Nutrition
    Each serving (10g) contains
    Energy - 125kJ / 30kcal - 1%
    Fat - 1g  - 1%
    Saturates - 0g   - 0%
    Sugars - 1g   -  1%
    Salt - 1.4g   -  23%
    % of an adult's Reference Intake
    Typical Values per 100g:  1213kJ / 290kcal
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  • An explosion of flavours in true North Indian style chana. This meal is ideal for Sunday brunch and goes well with Indian breads like roti, puris, and naan. Plain bread or buttered buns also go well with this dish.
    To make this recipe, you only need white chana, tomatoes, and Nimkish Punjabi Chana Spice Mix. Your meal will be complete with onion rings as a garnish and a side of chutney.

    Additional information

    Weight 110 g


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